My yoga experience

Here at Chameleon we aim to have a relaxed, calm environment to practice yoga for all experience levels, with free tea with your yoga passes so you can chill and relax before an after, chat & meet new people.

The mixture of plants an vines in the studio add an outdoor feel and also oxygen to the air which creates a beautiful setting. The sun coming in the windows an trees outside is really calming. The space has been kept reasonably minimal, except for nature, so students don’t get distracted from there class.

There is a great mix of yoga teachers with different styles from advanced Power classes, Gentle flow, Purna, Hatha, and Vinyasa flow.

Yoga is a great way to relieve stress, anxiety while working on your psychical part of your body too. If you have a bit of a short fuse with things in everyday life, be it relationship tension, work stress or what ever it might be, doing yoga once or twice a week will benefit your mind and body. You’ll quickly notice the positive difference it makes.

Personally I do yoga twice a week, an find it gives me more flexibility, stronger arms an leg muscles, more core strength and more sense of balance with my surfing. During yoga I find my thoughts drifting around, its a good space for self reflection, to focus on the positive. As the creator and caretaker of our space I particularly enjoy my time in our Yoga studio. Being in such a relaxed state I can appreciate all of the work we have done with the shop. How much the plants have grown, how beautiful the natural light is shining through, the students with peace and light in their heart. This appreciation flows over to my everyday life, feeling so grateful for my health, my partner, our home, our work, family, life experiences, travel and even our puppy Billy! Everything feels and looks better after the stillness of a yoga class.

I think the atmosphere with Yoga at Chameleon enhances and embodies our space and energy perfectly here in Surfers Paradise. Yoga is for every body, each breath in is a new opportunity to start again.