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Chameleon New Age Salon, Gold Coast 
Come in for a yoga to rebalance, restore and relax. 

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Chameleon Community Yoga 

Namaste and welcome to Chameleon New Age Salon Yoga Studio in the Gold Coast.

We see your participation as a gift and invite you to adventure with us on the mat – so off the mat you are able to better support yourself in each breath. 


Sound Healing 


7:15 PM – Every Thursday 

Weekly Meditation at Chameleon


Due to popular demand we have gone weekly with our meditation.
First Thurdsay of the month is guided meditation and singing bowls with our amazing Yoga instructor Deb.
Second Thursday and last Thursday of the month is Tony our Yoga teacher doing a Yoga Nidra Meditation for Higher States of Consciousness.
Third Thursday of the month is Mariana and Lucas with a variety of instruments, didgeredoo and Crystal singing bowls.

$15 per class 

Tony- Yoga Nidra Higher States of Consciousness Meditation.


Discover how to practice the Secret Tantric Psychic Sleep Meditation of the ancient yogis to tune into higher states of consciousness and become the creator of your destiny.

During this immersive experience, you will be guided into deep peaceful states of consciousness that not only shifts and clears anything holding you back but awakens your true nature so you can accelerate the achievement of your goals dreams, and aspirations.

You will enjoy a unique opportunity to transform your meditation practice to a higher level and learn how to: 

Develop a clearer vision for your future & how you’re going to materialize it into your reality.

Tune Into Your Ajana Chakra, the Gateway to Pure Consciousness. 

Release deep-rooted physical, mental and emotional tensions from Your Subconscious.

Tap Into Your Wise, Intuitive, Higher Self To Guide You on Your Life’s Journey. 

And Ultimately Become the Co-Creator With the Universal Field of Divine Intelligence. 

Debbie – Step and Dive Deep into Meditation.


Join us for this life-changing on the second and last Thursday each month. Deb is a Yoga teacher here at Chameleon. She facilitates Yin and Vinyasa classes along with Tai Chi. She brings forward experience with a soft, gentle approach. Allowing you to flow into a state of deep relaxation and meditation.

Mariana and Lucas – Sound Bowls and Didgiredoo.


Mariana and Lucas, a duet act! Combining healing sound bowls resonating at healing frequencies and also the chakras, allows for a truly healing experience. With the combination of the Didgiredoo, it combines native Australian Aboriginal culture.