Namaste and welcome to Chameleon New Age Salon Yoga Studio in the Gold Coast.

We see your participation as a gift, and invite you to adventure with us on the mat – so off the mat you are able to better support yourself in each breath.

We offer a schedule of daily yoga classes, free mat hire, $15 drop in class, 5pass-$60($12 per class), 10-pass $100($10 per class).

Passes come with free tea an coffee from the cafe to hangout before an after class. These two Passes can be shared with a friend an they don’t expire, the only prerequisite – an open heart.

We also offer a Monthly Unlimited yoga pass for $160 called “Black pass”, which includes a FREE haircut so you can keep looking sharp while working on your mind, body an spirit.

  • The 5 & 10 Passes can also be used for Thursday night meditation class.
    For Passes enquire in store or over the phone.

– 2hrs free parking across the road at Chevron renaissance or if your catching the tram we are 150meters north of Cavill station.



Meditation & Deep Relaxation Classes (all levels welcome) – Have you always wanted to learn techniques to allow yout self to better de-stress, stop, relax, heal and connect.

Or perhaps you need support in creating your own regular practice or want to learn different Meditation Techniques.

Then these classes are for you, come join Jen on a journey of Self Discovery and gift yourself with the sacred time you deserve to find stillness and healing.

We will be learning different methods including Breath exercises, Holisitc Meditation, Guided Mediation and Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep Meditation).

There will also be themed Meditation Classes – from Seasonal, Lunar and Deity or other notable connections depending on time of year and student needs.

*Meditation is Every Thursday night at 7.30pm – ONLY $10 pp – Yoga passes or door sales, for more info visit our facebook

We teach the following styles of Yoga:

Hatha Yoga –

Aligns and calms the body/mind/soul in preparation for meditation through the use asanas (Yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing).

Vinyasa Flow –

A dynamic and graceful sequence of breath led movement. Fluid asana work building strength, flexibility and balance.

Power Yoga –

A dynamic, fluid, powerful vinyasa class designed to allow you to create space to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Yin yoga –

Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with many postures, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time. Most of the posses are on the mat. This is a good practice for beginners. 

Yoga Classes Gold Coast

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Yoga Classes timetable

Our Yoga Teachers

Patricia – Vinyasa

Chameleon Yoga Instructor PatriciaPatrícia de Abreu is Brazilian and is currently living on the Gold Coast, Australia. She has been teaching Yoga for 13 years. Devoted entirely to the study and practice of Yoga.

She has several teacher training certificates and has studied and learnt from many renowned nation and international teachers. She is registered by Yoga Australia at a Senior level And Yoga Alliance in Brazil.

Patricia’s practices are composed of postures, relaxation, breathing, mantras and meditation. She is able to teach Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, Power, Vinyasa and Yin or restaurative Yoga.

She prefers to use only the name “Yoga” to denominate her classes feeling free to teach what is better for the students at each day. She also studies Vedanta and has been to India 3 times on consecutives years to study at Swami Dayananda Ashram.

Currently she is taking another teacher training at Byron Yoga Centre to further increase her knowledge. Patricia teaching helps in an integral way all interested in the journey of Yoga.

Mickie – Yin

yoga teacher

yoga teacher

Mickie Monroe is a Cosmic Goddess from another Galaxy here to facilitate, educate and create space for deeper ways that we can learn to nourish our mind, body and souls.

As a certified Yoga teacher, Tantra Practitioner and Shamanic Energy Healer, Mickie sets the intention to always take you on a journey that leaves you walking away feeling connected to your heart and energised with peace.

Mickie specialises in Yin Yoga and truly sees this type of Yoga as not just a practise, but a complete way of being that she embodies in all areas of her life.

“We live in a very Yang based society – all about the fire, how much can we push, force, create action, how busy can we be as we stay in the doing, to create harmony in our life we need to come to our Yin, our water like quality, how much we can surrender, let go and instead of do…simply be”

Come Breathe

Come Flow

Come Let Go

And step out of your human DOing as you surrender to your human BEing

As she guides you back to the Yin within

Fiona – Hatha

Yoga Instructor FionaFiona comes from a background in performing arts.

Her passion for performing arts lead her to what she calls her “Divine World of Yoga”!!

In 1999 she began teaching yoga – intertwining laughter, sound, love, meditation and a good wholesome dollop of fun in her classes.

Our Yogi leads classes – directly from the heart, supporting you to stimulate your energy systems and open the mind. Fiona’s expertise is beginners yoga, vinyasa flow and hatha.

She specialises in rehabilitation classes, pregnancy and Mums n Bubs. Her classes are fun, energising and at some point you will be pushing the energy through your throat chakra, vocal expression supporting release or blocked energy in the body.

Fiona has a broad background in facilitating workshops and providing other therapeutic services.

Angela – Hatha

Yoga has been an awakening for Angela. A way to stay present and conscious, not only during practice but in everyday life. Yoga is a great way to reduce stress, depression and anxiety. It uplifts the complete self holistically; mentally, physically and spiritual. The meditation practice is a great way to build a connection with one’s most inner self. Angela has completed her Fitness Leadership Program via BCRPA in her home town of Vancouver Canada. She combines the physical benefits of the asanas with the mental relaxation of the mind by using the breath. Energetically energising the mind, body and soul, a flow classes that encaptures one’s whole self.

Debbie yoga instructor Debbie – Dynamic Flow

Born & educated in Scotland, immigrated with family to Western Australia, lived in Southern California (the Mecca of Yoga for the Western world) & Maui before returning back to family, now in Gold Coast Australia since December 2016.

Debbie has trained with world-renowned masters in all contemporary Yoga styles including Rehabilitation, Multiple Sclerosis/special conditions, Yin, Yang, Astanga, Iyengar, Vini & Restorative – levels from gentle to powerful.

She believes in the full spectrum of Yoga to integrate all our aspects, physical well being, emotional stability, mental flexibility & spiritual evolution.

You are invited to join us in a multi-level Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class on Wednesdays & Fridays at noon.

Special requests welcomed.