Namaste and welcome to Chameleon New Age Salon Yoga Studio in the Gold Coast.

We see your participation as a gift, and invite you to adventure with us on the mat – so off the mat you are able to better support yourself in each breath.

We offer a schedule of daily yoga classes, free mat hire, $15 drop in class, 5pass-$60($12 per class), 10-pass $100($10 per class). Passes come with free tea an coffee from the cafe to hangout before an after class. Passes can be shared with a friend an they don’t expire ,the only prerequisite – an open heart.

*Passes can also be used for Thursday night meditation class.

2hrs free parking across the road at Chevron renaissance, for Passes enquire in store or over the phone.


Meditation & Deep Relaxation Classes (all levels welcome) – Have you always wanted to learn techniques to allow yout self to better de-stress, stop, relax, heal and connect. Or perhaps you need support in creating your own regular practice or want to learn different Meditation Techniques. Then these classes are for you, come join Jen on a journey of Self Discovery and gift yourself with the sacred time you deserve to find stillness and healing. We will be learning different methods including Breath exercises, Holisitc Meditation, Guided Mediation and Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep Meditation). There will also be themed Meditation Classes – from Seasonal, Lunar and Deity or other notable connections depending on time of year and student needs.

*Meditation is Every Thursday night at 7pm – ONLY $12 pp – Yoga passes or door sales, for more info visit our facebook

We teach the following styles:

Hatha Yoga –

Aligns and calms the body/mind/soul in preparation for meditation through the use asanas (Yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing).

Vinyasa Flow –

A dynamic and graceful sequence of breath led movement. Fluid asana work building strength, flexibility and balance.

Power Yoga –

A dynamic, fluid, powerful vinyasa class designed to allow you to create space to push yourself out of your comfort zone.


Purna yoga –

Purna Yoga represents a holistic approach to yoga integrating not just the physical postures but also philosophy, meditation, pranayama breath control and the yogic personal and social code of ethics.

Yoga Classes Gold Coast

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Yoga Classes timetable

Our Yoga Teachers

Patricia – Power Yoga

Chameleon Yoga Instructor PatriciaPatrícia de Abreu Burgo is from Brazil and currently lives in the Gold Coast, Australia. She graduated from university with a degree in Advertising in 2006.

Since 2007 her essence is entirely devoted to the study, practice and teaching of Yoga.

Patricia started her yoga practice in 2003, a continuing love affair with Yogic culture, India and its traditions.

In Brazil she joined the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program given by Pedro Kupfer, with whom she still studies and practices whenever she can.

She has also spent time in India, studying Vedanta with Swami Dayananda in his Rishikesh ashram in 2013.

Patricia is affiliated to the Yoga Alliance Brazil and to Yoga Australia. She is now a senior teacher at Yoga Australia, giving Hatha, Vinyasa and Power Yoga classes.

Patrícia is also responsible for editing and writing in the Jaya Yoga Magazine, an online magazine dedicated to Yoga.

Yuka – Vinyasa Flow

Surfers Paradise Yoga Instructor YukoYoga literally changed Yuka’s life.

Yuka arrived in Australia, learning to adapt to an entirely different culture, language and way of relating with others.

She felt isolated and lost and turned to yoga following an invite from her friend to attend a class. The class inspired Yuka to learn more and develop her practice further.

She enrolled in teacher training at the studio where she practiced and finally felt she was walking the right path.

Yuka attributes yoga to supporting her through her transition after moving to Australia. Her practice supported her emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually.

This is evident in her Grace and the way she interacts with others.

Yuka’s wish is to share these powerful experiences with you and support you to develop your own practice, gaining flexibility and strength on and off the mat.

Ana – Gentle Flow

Gold Coast Yoga Instructor AnaAna Lima is teaches Hatha Yoga for beginners and for those students who enjoy a softer, relaxing practice.

Ana is from Brazil, in Australia for a sabbatical journey after having worked for more than ten years as a geographer, specifically in relation to socio – environmental issues.

She has been practicing and studying Hatha and Kundalini Yoga in addition to other personal development activities since 2011.

Her passion and love of Yoga increases daily as she continues to engage in further studies.

Ana has studied in the Nanak Ashram in the city of Curitiba, where she was born and raised.

Here in the Gold Coast she has been studying Yoga at the Health Australian Institute in Southport and leads a holistic, relaxing and fulfilling hour of movement on the mat and in your heart.

Fiona – Hatha

Yoga Instructor FionaFiona comes from a background in performing arts.

Her passion for performing arts lead her to what she calls her “Divine World of Yoga”!!

In 1999 she began teaching yoga – intertwining laughter, sound, love, meditation and a good wholesome dollop of fun in her classes.

Our Yogi leads classes – directly from the heart, supporting you to stimulate your energy systems and open the mind. Fiona’s expertise is beginners yoga, vinyasa flow and hatha.

She specialises in rehabilitation classes, pregnancy and Mums n Bubs. Her classes are fun, energising and at some point you will be pushing the energy through your throat chakra, vocal expression supporting release or blocked energy in the body.

Fiona has a broad background in facilitating workshops and providing other therapeutic services.

Valentina – Hatha

Valentina is from Colombia where she was working for 11 years as an Architect and in real state. Life brought her to Australia to study English for 6 months and she decided to stay longer to further improve her English. During this journey she found Yoga which has totally changed her life in a deeper way.

“Yoga gives you a deep knowledge, a self transformation, you will find through Yoga an inner peace and happiness”. By stilling your mind you can venture deeper within yourself past the superficial shell of the ego mind. This is what Yoga means to Valentina.

Valentina teaches Hatha Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga. She likes to guide the students to always go to the breath and leave thoughts behind by feeling the body and listening the breath. She has been studying Yoga for 3 years at the Health Institute Australia and holds a diploma in Yoga. She is currently studying Advanced diploma in Yoga.

Sarah – Hatha/Purna

Sarah found her way to Yoga by chance and has since maintained a dedication to the
practise finding physical strength and flexibility as well as opportunity for mental growth,
self-acceptance and contentment.
Longing to share this Sarah experienced repeated reactions like, “I can’t do Yoga! I can’t
touch my toes”, Sarah would reassure Yoga is for everyone and in fact the stiffer and tighter
you feel the more reason to start. This inspired Sarah to become a Yoga teacher, to make Yoga accessible to everyone.
Sarah specialises in Purna Yoga meaning integrated or complete. Purna represents a holistic approach to Yoga integrating postures, philosophy, meditation and pranayama.
Passionate about inspiring others to improve wellness through Yoga, Sarah’s classes have a strong focus on alignment and physiology to ensure safety and efficiency giving students the knowledge to further their practise with confidence.

Danny – Dynamic Flow


Over the last 17 years’ working in the health and fitness industry as a Naturopath, Yoga Instructor
and Health Presenter. My purpose is to help you empower your life and health back into balance –
full of vitality, energy and everyday happiness.
My yoga style is mainly vinyasa flow to move the body & amp energy flows to create union of the mind
and body which leads to a Buddha mind or clarity.
I look forward to seeing you on the mat.