Tai Chi

The new old!
Tai Chi & Qigong are interchangeable terms in contemporary speak,
just as mindfulness & meditation have become – understanding & experience reveal the difference. Both are mindful moving meditation practices offering a safe & enjoyable way to health, fitness & feeling good.
Believed to have roots closely related to Yoga, Tai Chi has evolved in
main two paths – supreme martial art forms for self defence & gentle wellness exercises relevant in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupressure.

Tai chi / Qigong

Tai Chi / Qigong is dynamic meditation which focuses on conscious application of principals – to deepen the breath, clear the mind & lengthen the spine.
Important aspects of this ancient tried, tested & true tradition include:-
. Being in the present moment & feeling the truth of what is really going
on, inside & around one’s own body.
. Freeing up energy blocks & removing / preventing dis-ease.
. Cultivating internal power.
. Knowing who you really are, discovering your life purpose & how to
achieve it.
. Magnifying & clearing personal energy.
. Physical, mental, emotional & spiritual evolution.
. The great variety of movements are inspired by Nature & its marvellous
creatures, thereby expanding our connection to the Great Oneness Mystery.
The rhythmic flowing nature of Tai Chi / Qigong motions invite the
relaxation response, boost the immune system, relieve stress, enhance
confidence & self-esteem.

Extensive medical research shows that Tai Chi / Qigong significantly
improve breathing, posture, balance, bone density, suppleness in joints,
general mobility & healing. Immense success has been achieved in custom-
tailored Tai Chi / Medical Qigong programs designed specifically for
prevention & rehabilitation of numerous conditions such as:-
. Arthritis
. Asthma & other respiratory complications
. Diabetes
. Parkinson’s
. Falls Prevention
. Strokes
. Post Trauma Stress
. Hypertension
. Lowering Blood Pressure

Rich teachings are interwoven throughout the multifaceted forms &
techniques of Tai Chi / Qigong. Most importantly it is a beautiful, graceful &
ancient moving body art form – if you don’t move it you loose it!
Treat yourself to a Tai Chi experience at Chameleon Mondays 4:30pm.