Meet Saki


身体の不調や、自分と同じ悩みを抱えている方に1人でも多く私自身がヨガをすることで実感したことを伝えていけたらと思い現在ここchameleon new age salonにてヨガを教えている。
After getting a job as a nurse, various stresses make it easy for the body and mind to lose balance.
  At that time, I started doing yoga.
I noticed that my physical condition was improving.
In addition,  I fascinated by the soft and strong movements of yoga.
And begins to think deeply about “what is my  identity.”
 I thought that I wanted to study yoga more deeply. Then In 2018, I got the National Yoga Alliance (RYT200) in Bali 
  After I got it, I have been working a yoga instructor since 2018.
  In 2020, I came to here.
I’m working here “ Chameleon new age salon”
Because I want to teach things which l felt for more many people.