Clearing negative energy

Sage smudge has been Used in Native American culture for dispersing negative energy from spaces, people or objects for centuries.

Here at our shop we cleanse the space every morning before we start the day. The best way is to take a stork from the bunch an burn it like you would an incense stick, with no flame just smouldering. Take the smouldering stick to every corner of the room an try to cover the whole space in the smoke. Then leave the rest to burn in the middle of the room.

Sometimes you will have people come into your home or your space who seem to have a funny energy around them, you may get a funny feeling in your stomach almost, and even after they leave its like you can feel there energy is still there. This is when sage or palo santo is good to clear the energy an neutralise it .

The best thing is to leave the sage burning in is a ceramic or clay bowl with sand in the bottom. There you can stick the sage in the sand sticking up right and ash doesn’t get everywhere.

At Chameleon we have a range of products with sage in, from soap to incense sticks & incense cones. We also have Palo santo sticks an oil which is used for clearing negative energy just like sage. For attracting positive energy after using palo santo or sage we have sweet grass. Sweet grass was also used by native American for bringing in positive energy after the clearing rituals.palo santo stickssweet grass braidsage clusterclay pot used for sagesage in sand