Chameleon is one of the few spaces in the Gold Coast offering exemplary reiki services.

Kate takes her reiki massages to the next level. Traditional reiki is an energetic healing therapy, relating to the balancing of chakras. The benefits include healing emotional trauma, boosting your physical well-being, and assisting to manage and alleviate stress and anxiety.

After a session of reiki, people have found they feel much more relaxed, grounded and whole.

Most reiki therapists will focus only on feelings, and won’t invest the time to look deeper into what those feelings mean, and how they manifest in your day to day life.

Kate’s reiki differs in that she creates a space in which you can heal, and connect with your spirit guides. Kate channels during the process of the reiki, and allocates fifteen minutes at the end of the session to offer a reading and interpretation of what she has uncovered.

During this reading, Kate shares her thoughts on potential blockages, attachments and issues.

Kate’s customers have offered extremely positive feedback, stating that the therapy is life changing, and has helped set them in the right direction and altered their life path.

Kate also incorporates sound healing into her reiki, which facilitates the healing process through vibration. The body can also heal in response to music.

Kate uses Tibetan crystal singing bowls and weighted tuning forks to turn your session into an immersive journey.