Psychic Readings

Chameleon New Age Salon, Gold Coast 
Come in for a reading to rebalance, restore and relax. 

We offer a high standard of quality psychic mediums with over 50 years experience.

Each offer an individual approach to their clients ranging from pure clairvoyance, oracle and crystal readings.

We have two psychic medium readers available throughout the week both offering different skill areas to provide you with relevant guidance to support you in moving forward.

Our readers write the information that comes through down on paper for you & invite you to record your readings and provide additional guidance in relation to crystals, essential oils or other practices to actively empower you to work through information received.

One of Nikki’s true passion’s is her relationship readings. If you are feeling stuck in a rut or have some issues that you just cannot work through consider a reading. It’s amazing what can come through and the light a new set of eyes and experience can shed on a situation. 

Telephone readings are available if you are unable to come into the Salon otherwise, call and we can book you an appointment.



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Readings are available in store or over the phone