Psychic Readings – Gold Coast

We offer a high standard of quality psychic mediums with over 50 years experience.

Each offer an individual approach to their clients ranging from pure clairvoyance, tarot and crystal readings.

We have two psychic medium readers available throughout the week both offering different skill areas to provide you with relevant guidance to support you in moving forward.

Our readers write the information that comes through down on paper for you & invite you to record your readings and provide additional guidance in relation to crystals, essential oils or other practices to actively empower you to work through information received.

Telephone readings are available if you are unable to come into the Salon otherwise, call and we can book you an appointment.

Nikki Astarya – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Stephanie – Monday,Wednesday



Nikki Astarya

Nikki Astarya is an Angel Intuitive,counsellor , relationship counsellor, Divine Channel, Psychic, Medium, Healer and Mother. Nikki works closely with your spirit guides, and your higher self to create a supportive space to be able to clear your emotional and mental blockages helping you to achieve your highest potential . Nikki works with your akashic records to recall past lives and to help you connect with your divine life purpose. She also uses light language, symbols and ancient knowledge. With over 20 years experience in the intuitive field, Nikki bring’s many different techniques and modalities to help support you and access your own personal information . Nikki has a diploma in counselling, is a Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, and works closely with angels and the elemental kingdom.

Nikki’s medium work gives the client the space to connect with loved ones who have passed and to help them process any unfinished business with that person. The medium work also gives clients the opportunity to receive messages from their loved ones who have passed and any special personal messages that they would like to communicate to family and friends. It also gives the client the opportunity to ask past family members or friends question to help support the client in their grief process . Nikki creates a safe and loving environment for the client to explore the depths of the unconscious self . Nikki likes to work with the client, highlighting and discovering their own strengths and innate knowing to empower and support the client to discover their own strengths, talents and abilities.

Nikki has a knowledge of Herbal Medicine, Crystal Healing, Aura Reading and Past Life Retrieval. Nikki works to clear and support the client; helping them to believe in their own uniqueness. Nikki has been working at Mind, Body Spirit Festival for the past 15 years, and has worked across Australia and has been featured on radio. Nikki give notes to the client to support themselves after each session and information to follow up on and to support the client on their spiritual and life journey.

Nikki often works with families to help clear and support family members in processing any family relationships understanding breakdowns with in family units and how to heal and recover through support and understanding. Nikki Is passionate about her work and has a deep love, empathy and compassion towards her clients and the space she creates and shares with them.

Nikki is available Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10am-430pm.

Psychic Readings Gold Coast

Victoria Ogorek


Moving to Australia when she was 9, Victoria is originally from Poland and has had a passion for astrology since she was 16 years old.  

The practical and individualised astrology reading will help you gain self awareness and clarity, transcend negatives into positives and to forecast conditions of karmic lessons. No two charts are the same, and during your reading Victoria will put together all the pieces of the puzzle while maintaining a connection to higher source and divine light and love. 

Price List

15 min$40
30 min$70
45 min$95
60 min$120
Couples 60 min $150

Phone readings available, national or international

*** Gift vouchers can be bought in store or over the phone & sent out ***

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