Psychic readings
My Personal experience

I jumped in on one of the workshops, at Chameleon “fine tuning your intuition”. It was with one of the resident psychics Stephanie who works at Chameleon. Ive never done anything like this an I wouldn’t consider myself intuitive. The workshop was all about tapping into our own intuition an psychic abilities an doing different exercises.

One of the exercises we did, we had to pair up, I was with a lady. We had to hold hands, close our eyes and see what we could picture in our mind when we focused on each other.
After a while I could see what I thought was a birds nest with a stone or rock in side. It looked like grass around me, then I saw a ring with holes all over it like Swiss cheese. I told the lady this and she said she lost the gem out of her ring the previous day mowing the lawns. Was really interesting to learn tricks from a professional psychic medium.

Nikki – Psychic Medium

We have had platform reading nights at Chameleon with Nikki Astarya doing mediumship. This really show cases her abilities, even sitting in the back of the room with 30 other people, its really moving an emotional. She was connecting with peoples loved ones who had passed on. One in particular stood out for me. She had a man come through asking his wife to look after his favourite shirt which she described in such detail it, it was breath taking.

Stephanie – Psychic Medium

Being a PSYCHIC MEDIUM is such a fascinating, rewarding and privileged job to do. The Mediumship side allows me to directly connect with deceased loved one’s and bring them to life. For the client with descriptions, words and validations that only the client can relate to at the time. This is different to the Psychic side which connects to the client’s “memory’s” of the person. Often in a Mediumship reading the “loved one” who comes through in Spirit will offer up guidance and messages for the client, the same as they would get from a Psychic or Tarot reading!

The one thing every person wants to find out when they come for a Mediumship reading is “is my loved one ok in heaven?”. It’s important to know on the other side pain and suffering do not exist.

When people come for a reading I ask them to forget everything they have seen on tv and read in the papers about “ghosts”. As they are just you and me, in heaven.  One day, when our time comes, we too will desperately want to make contact with those we love who are still on earth.

Psychic mediums do far more than just do mediumship (connect with people passed). They can give insight to any aspect of your life, wether it be work, relationships, family or something quite specific.