A great way to ground is to just spend time at the beach

Grounding and Protection

This is one of the most important things to do, as a human being, an energy being!. To do some grounding and to protection when needed.

We are all Energy!

Another good way to Ground and connect with the Earth an its energy is to go down bare feet an just spend time at the Beach. This is great for calming down a fast pace mind. Its also a great place to come relax an reflect.

As a Psychic Medium reader I am highly effective at connecting into energy. Energy/Aura surrounding the client sitting in front of me, or energy from the Spirit Realm, deceased loved ones, Spirit Guides and the like.

British Particle Physicist, Professor Brian Cox said “everything on this planet is made up of the same 12 particles of matter and 4 forces of energy”. Humans, animals, plants, cars, tables – everything!

How do we Ground and Protect? Here are some quick and simple ways that work well.

  1. go outside, take your shoes off and stand on the grass or dirt and do some deep breathing
  2. sit in nature quietly, alone, and just breath

    an arrangements of Protecting an grounding crystals.

    amethyst, Black tourmaline , selenite, elephant skin jasper, tigers eye

  3. Epsom Salts or Magnesium Salts in the bath and soak yourself

By grounding yourself you are reconnecting to the earth.


1. Visualise a bubble of white light surrounding you

2. Try wearing or carrying some protective crystals like Black Tourmaline or Black Obsidian

Without this protection it is quite easy to absorb other people’s negative energy.

To learn more about this and other topics, keep your eye out for my Spiritual Workshops!

Stephanie Kerr

Psychic Medium