Piercing Price List

If you are looking at getting a new piercing you need to come see Britt, with a wealth of experience, caring nature and gentle touch she can get it done with ease.

The environment we have created in The Piercing Room has far more of a holistic approach to most places you would get pierced.

With plants, music, essential oils and art filling the room.  

We also have a great range of earrings, an piercing jewellery.             

Standard Piercing – $15

      – Lobe                                   – Helix

      – Rook                                   -Daith

      – Conch                                 -Tragus

      – Navel                                   -Nostril 

      -Eyebrow                             -Lip/Labret

      -Philtrum / Medusa          – Septum 

      -Smiley / Webbing             – Tongue / Webbing

      -Ear lobe  1x Ear $10, both ears $20

(Ear Lobe Butterfly studs  $15 each)

Belly button piercing

Navel / belly button piercing

Ear piercing

Special Piercing –

       -Nipple – $25 , 2x $50

       -Intimate $50 

       -Surface $30

       -Industrial $25

       -Tongue $25


Pricing Fee per individual piercing. Jewellery & after care is additional cost. Surgical stainless steel Jewellery $20 & Titanium Jewellery $25.  After care spray $10

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