Body Piercing at Chameleon

Our qualified Piercer Britt has over 6 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge within the industry, having worked in various tattoo studios and reputable piercing based studios across the Gold Coast. Britt began her body piercing career with a nationally recognised qualification through QLD Tafe before completing a hands-on traineeship in a local tattoo studio to further her knowledge.

Britt also brings a wonderful sense of humour and a calm professional manner along With a very steady hand to ensure that all piercings are performed with precision in a supported environment.

At Chameleon we offer a wide range of piercings from lobes to intimates, these include:

Regular Piercings include: $15

Industrial piercing, ear piercing plug

Ear Lobe (choose your preferred method of Gun or Needle)

Cartilage (incudes Helix/Rook/Deith/Conch/Tragus etc)

Naval (upper or lower)

Nostril (with option of ring or stud)


Septum piercingLip (includes labret/philtrum etc)



Smiley/Webbing (Upper and Lower Gum)


Mixer of Ear piercings

Special Piercings: from $25 depending on area.

Tongue (this piercing is strictly 16 years and over)

Surface (conditions apply – placement/lifestyle. Dermal Anchors not included currently)

Industrial (This can be completed with a long single bar or two short bars)

Cheeks (this piercing is restricted to 18 years and over, you must complete your own research prior to requesting this procedure)

Intimate Piercings also available including nipples – these piercings are over 18 years of age only due to the sensitive nature of the area being piercing. ID is required. Please ask us for pricing.

Our lovely tranquil piercing room is fully licensed, insured and well appointed to suit all your piercing needs.  We offer a range of jewellery to choose from so come see us today for professional advice and service.

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