PendulumsInformation & uses of Pendulums.

Pendulums are a form of Dowsing which allows connection to intuitive and also spiritual energies. They’re  used as a form of divination to provide the seeker with answers to questions that they may wish to have guidance on.

Pendulums may also be used within healing modalities to discover the source of pain and relieve it. Whether it has a spiritual, emotional or physical cause.

chakra pendulum

As with crystals the pendulum usually choses you. So it is important to use your intuition to connect in with the energy of the stone. When selecting your pendulum you will find that one will call to you.

A pendulum is used by diving answers according to the direction that it swings in. Which may be vertical and horizontal lines or circular movements. So when you first choose your pendulum it is important to ask it a question that you already know the answer to in order to determine the correct direction of its swing, this is known as calibration.

You may also wish to cleanse you pendulum before use. This can be achieved by smudging with white sage or washing in rain water (unless it contains a water soluble stone).

When you have calibrated your pendulum it is then ready to use. It is important to have your intention firmly set in your mind before you ask your pendulum for guidance.

The pendulum is then used over a mat or board with letter, numbers and yes, no and maybe printed upon it to divine answers. It may also be used over a group of Tarot Cards to select a card to give you further in-depth guidance.

At Chameleon we regularly stock a range of crystal pendulums. Some regular favourites such as Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz to Blue Lace Agate, Moss Agate Sunstone and many more. We also often have combination pendulums that have more then one stone as part of their structure.