Past Life Regressions

Past Life Regressions. From a very early age, Amy was aware of the more subtle layers of existence, and later, in her twenties, was guided to explore how to embody these subtle dimensions, and use them for healing herself and others.

Amy is an amazing teacher and facilitator who is incredibly serious about her spirituality. Amy’s mission is to guide you to restore your own personal power.

How Past Life Regressions work

Amy’s most highly requested service is past life regressions. She will ask you why you have been called on this journey, before spending the time into guiding you into a deep form of relaxation – building a safe space for you to surrender. Amy invites you to focus on yourself, and allow yourself to stop and be.

Amy then asks you to envision yourself walking through a doorway into nature; connecting yourself with the environment, before going up a staircase to look behind you at all your past years – all the happiness and sorrow – every moment that as brought you to where you are at this point in time.

You are then called to look forward into your future – your dreams and desires – and then to look into what you want to manifest in your current life. Amy then asks you to look down at your feet to connect with how your future and your past combine in the present; the most integral timeline.

Amy then asks you to take a deep breath, as you begin to move backwards to when you were in the womb. She questions how you feel about being born into this life. She connects with your parents energy to find DNA trauma, and ask for any messages.

About past lives

She then takes you back into a past life; asking what you’re aware of. She empowers you to feed the thought, and then expand the thought. Amy takes the steps to walk with you to relive these past experiences in real time.

After this stage, Amy takes you to the day of your death, asking if you have any regrets or residue, which could now affect you in your current life.

From this point, Amy takes you upwards to the astral realm, to connect with your loved ones and spirit guides. You get the opportunity to be with all your physical bodies – past and future – and invite them to come forward to give messages to your body in your current life.

Amy then takes you into a healing chamber to capture your fears and phobias, in the effort to heal them, before bringing you back to the here and now.

Amy strongly believes that spirit will give you exactly the messages you need. She delves into the 90% of subconscious to connect with getting you back onto your life path. She brings awareness to all aspects of your being, and holds space for you to release and let go.

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