Palm Reading 101

Palm reading 101. Stevie has an amazing gift that he’s able to share with the world. His innate ability as a palm reader has been passed down through his gypsy mother’s line from generation to generation, and he has been blessed with the natural gift of channelled insight and intuition. For him it’s a way of being– it’s not something he decided to study – quite simply, it’s who he is.

Palmistry is a modern form of magic, offering a new dimension to the meaning of life – past, present and future. The hand is the truest and most profound roadmap of our lives. It’s able to tell us our characteristics, impulses, drives and future potential. Nothing ever stays the same, and as your thoughts and desires change, this is reflected in the palm of your hand.

Chronologically, Stevie’s able to tune into life experiences and past events, and a line or a point on your palm can give insight into your future. He looks into your thoughts through the windows of your hands and shares information about yourself that you may not have realised, to help you create the future you’d like to live.

Our emotional realms are often the most complex. Explaining these complicated and opposing needs can help people enormously, liberating us from our subconscious quirks and quandaries. If you want to know about your psychological motivations, genetic inherited manner in which we process information, career success and sexual compatibility, palmistry can help.

Palmistry can trace its roots back over 5,000 years to Hindu Astrology, and has been practised by Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle and Carl Jung. There is an anthropological link between the brain and the hand and as the human brain has evolved, so too has the sophistication of the hand and its functionality.

Inaction saps the vigours of our minds. Unlock the secrets that await you.