Broni – Hairdresser / Owner

Broni has been working with hair since she was a child. From the innocent childhood days of blowdrying her little brother’s hair in the family home to now a successful entrepreneur, owner and manager of the amazing Chameleon New Age Salon.

Broni has owned and managed Salons in Broadbeach/Surfers Paradise for the past 10 years, albeit at a much smaller scale than the Sanctuary she has now created in the heart of Surfers Paradise. Her training was under an Internationally renowned and awarded stylist.

Broni prides herself in providing exemplary customer care with her VIP customers being with her for the past 10 years from her humble beginnings in Florida Gardens.


Broni was recently successfully nominated as the Luminart Colour Technician for Queensland.

Travelling to Adelaide for further training and upon her return running training in other Salons on the Gold Coast. This placement earned from her substantial contribution to hair dressing, attention to detail, customer care and her ability to provide her customers exactly what they are looking for be it a cut and colour to the extreme end of brights and mermaid colours she is so well known for.

Broni started selling crystals two years ago in the shop in the Arcade. Six months later she imported a tonne of Salt Lamps, selling them all within a few months.

For many the roller coaster journey Broni has enjoyed would be incomprehensible. She believes that there are higher forces at work guiding her to do what she is doing including the journey into the new Sanctuary.

In the Salon we all know that her father, who passed in April 2015 has been a significant Guiding Force from the very beginning with the new Salon.

Broni has been on a mission for the past two years and this gained momentum in recent months. She has an uncanny knack of knowing what is going on under the surface in any situation, compassion for humanity, absolute passion for her work and people generally.

Broni has developed a strong network in and around the Gold Coast and is well known for her soulful eyes, beautiful smile, integrity, kindness, compassion and friendly nature.

The energy of Chameleon New Age Salon is a testament to who Broni is – a hair appointment with Broni is never just about the hair it is a holistic experience and exciting adventure into creativity.

Kieran – Owner

Kieran is a carpenter with a background in construction & always wanted to own his own business, just wasn’t sure what yet, Then he meet Bronwyn selling crystals at Miami Marketta one evening.

Six months later down the track, they come up with the idea of Chameleon New Age Salon as you know it today.

Kierans roll in the shop varies a bit, from organising the cafe, making coffees & Acai bowls to playing gardener, plumber, receptionist, accountant, hair dressing apprentice & all round caretaker.

Kieran & Broni worked together, carpenter & hairdresser to transform the old empty pigeon coup the shop was to the relaxing , friendly space it is today.

Kieran & Broni use they’re love of traveling to bring back treasures for the shop from they’re travels.

Nikki – Psychic

Nikki has over 25 years experience as a Psychic Medium, Divine Channel and Medical Intuitive, her first experiences as a child developed from interaction with the Elemental and Angelic Realms which then lead her to want to further explore her gifts.

With this in mind she enrolled in a Psychic Awareness Course and immersed herself in one on one mentoring with a renowned Spiritual Teacher, this experience taught her to connect with her Spirit Guides and the Guides of others enabling her to deepen her communication with the Spirit Realm.

After this profound experience Nikki then entered her next phase as a Mother and Nurturer, having three beautiful children who have also inherited some of her powerful gifts. Making this family legacy now a fourth generation gift.

Wishing to bring an Earthly Element to this Spiritual Gifting and create a balance, Nikki then went to University to study Naturopathy which has enabled her to integrate her Medical Intuitive Skills into her sessions.

Nikki also has other complementary skills that allows her to offer supportive and comforting space, having studied Reiki, Massage, Counselling and Relationship Counselling and she is able to offer a Holistic approach to her Spiritual Readings for both the individual and couples.

Coming out of over 15 years of private practice Nikki has now been offering her powerful gifts at Chameleon for over 3 years and has a strong base of clients that return to connect with her regularly.

Nikki offers her time on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays appointments advisable as she books out swiftly. 

Mark – Hairdresser

Mark started his hair dressing career in Toowoomba then made his way to Brisbane, finally settling on the gold coast where he has been based for 25 years.

A classically pivot point trained hairdresser, Mark has built a outstanding reputation and solid loyal client base due to his amazing skills with colouring, cutting and finishing techniques.

He is also experienced in hair extension, straightening processes and has a dedicated and thoughtful approach to customers, offering his services tailored to individual needs.

Mark has seen to his customers hair through many of life’s milestones, from first haircuts, to formal graduations, weddings and  the next generations first hair cuts.

Mark has a wealth of experience, having worked in many industries at various levels and brings this extensive knowledge to all aspects of his hair dressing.

A Compassionate, caring, spiritual person, Mark brings insight and wisdom to the Chameleon salon, he’s a cherished staff member and an integral part of our team.

Britt – Piercer / Allrounder

Britt has over 6 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge within the industry, having worked in various tattoo studios and reputable piercing based studios across the Gold Coast.

Britt began her body piercing career with a nationally recognised qualification through QLD Tafe before completing a hands-on traineeship in a local tattoo studio to further her knowledge.

Britt is an amazing girl, she is always a nice person to be around an takes the time to listen to what her clients want.

Britt is an allrounder at the shop, she does reception, barristers, does dreads & braids, helps out with the hairdressing, even does some tradey work around the shop.

Junko – Beauty Therapist


Junko has been practising beauty and massage for over 7 years, She has extensive knowledge in skin care and wellbeing having been a nurse specialising in dermatological care in Japan for eight years.

Her passion and commitment guided her to successfully complete a Diploma of Beauty Therapy here in Australia in conjunction with her international qualifications.

Abbey – Healer & Receptionist


After 10 years in the Corporate world Abbey has traded her calculator for crystals and entered our world as an Energy Healer, Psychic Intuitive and someone to help at Reception to greet customers with a warm smile and take your bookings. 



Karim – Healer

KARIM Healing- Energy Work, NLP, over 25 years Experience, $80 per hour For over 25 years, Karim has devoted time to understanding human beings and researching their energies.

In an energy healing session, Karim rebalances the aura and chakras, working to release energy blockages and negative emotions.

Thought patterns and energies are analysed and discussed, and at the end of the session he builds up your energy and ensures it is flowing evenly and that your aura is active and healthy. The result is a feeling of great relaxation and harmony.

Karim has an enthusiastic following in Hong Kong and visits twice a year and has helped over 20000 people Karim also specialises in NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

NLP provides tools and skills for the development of states of individual excellence, but it also establishes a system of empowering beliefs and presuppositions about what human beings are, what communication is and what the process of change is all about.

At another level, NLP is about self-discovery, exploring identity and mission. It also provides a framework for understanding and relating to the ‘spiritual’ part of human experience that reaches beyond us as individuals to our family, community and global systems.

NLP is not only about competence and excellence, it is about wisdom and vision.

Billy – The Dog

Billy is a Chinese crested cross Chihuahua, he is a little shy with people he doesn’t no but once he gets to know you he will follow you around everywhere.

Everyone in the shop loves him.

His role at the shop is sleeping, chewing the boxes of new deliveries an playing with his toys that he leaves lying around

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