Broni has been working with hair since she was a child. From the innocent childhood days of blowdrying her little brother’s hair in the family home to now a successful entrepreneur, owner and manager of the amazing Chameleon New Age Salon.

Broni has owned and managed Salons in Broadbeach/Surfers Paradise for the past 10 years, albeit at a much smaller scale than the Sanctuary she has now created in the heart of Surfers Paradise. Her training was under an Internationally renowned and awarded stylist. Broni prides herself in providing exemplary customer care with her VIP customers being with her for the past 10 years from her humble beginnings in Florida Gardens.

Broni was recently successfully nominated as the Luminart Colour Technician for Queensland. Travelling to Adelaide for further training and upon her return running training in other Salons on the Gold Coast. This placement earned from her substantial contribution to hair dressing, attention to detail, customer care and her ability to provide her customers exactly what they are looking for be it a cut and colour to the extreme end of brights and mermaid colours she is so well known for.

Broni started selling crystals two years ago in the shop in the Arcade. Six months later she imported a tonne of Salt Lamps, selling them all within a few months.

For many the roller coaster journey Broni has enjoyed would be incomprehensible. She believes that there are higher forces at work guiding her to do what she is doing including the journey into the new Sanctuary. In the Salon we all know that her father, who passed in April 2015 has been a significant Guiding Force from the very beginning with the new Salon.

Broni has been on a mission for the past two years and this gained momentum in recent months. She has an uncanny knack of knowing what is going on under the surface in any situation, compassion for humanity, absolute passion for her work and people generally.

Broni has developed a strong network in and around the Gold Coast and is well known for her soulful eyes, beautiful smile, integrity, kindness, compassion and friendly nature.

The energy of Chameleon New Age Salon is a testament to who Broni is – a hair appointment with Broni is never just about the hair it is a holistic experience and exciting adventure into creativity.


Sapphire from Chameleon New Age SalonSapphire or Mama Sita as she is affectionately known in the Salon moved from a corporate background in personal injury law and Commonwealth Fraud Investigation to step into her soul chosen field of Healing.

Sapphie comes from four generations of miners. Her passion for crystals is clear, intuitively guiding people towards gems to support them emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Her knowledge of grids is tailored for the individual, also creating kits to treat specific health issues.

She has been facilitating Emotional Healing Workshops for 7 years, in addition to combing a number of other techniques.

Sapphie’s previous work has also included Youth Worker, Crisis Counsellor, Group Facilitator, Body Worker, Psychosomatic Therapist, Liquid Crystal Practitioner, Kahuna Lomi Lomi Massage Therapist, Crystal and Sound Therapy, Meditation facilitator and Event Manager. Her studies include Counselling, Psychology (particularly adoption, separation, trauma and abuse), Epigenetics, Psychosomatic Therapy, Shamanic Healing and Reiki.

Sapphie is one of our receptionists and an intuitive healer and Lomi Lomi massage therapist. She is also one of our Aura Photographers, providing personal insights during the mini reading and referring to other members of our team if needed. Always a smile, a warm hug and a shoulder if needed when you walk through the door. Mama Sita to all that come into Chameleon.

Sapphie has a strong connection to the water, whales and dolphins and in particular the Angelic realm. She draws on a wealth of personal experience and wisdom in her healing sessions.
A conversation with her is a journey of personal discovery, a healing session with her is a journey between worlds and reconnecting with the heart. Sapphie is an empath, mother, grandmother, Goddess, Channel, Spiritual Warrior and compassionate speaker of truth.

Associate Degree in Law, Diploma of Community Services (welfare studies & social justice), Diploma of Community Services (case work & specialising in group work), Diploma of Youth Work, L3 Pyschosomatic (Body/Mind) Therapy, Kahuna L1 & 2, Reiki, Liquid Crystal Practitioner.