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Salt Lamps & Selenite Lamps

Salt Lamps

Salt lamps when turned on have many advantages over normal ionisers. They improve the general atmosphere of any room. The Salt Lamp binds the negative ions with excessive positive ions.

When it becomes warm, it absorbs moisture & the crystal will be damp on the surface. This builds up the ion field. Placing a Salt Lamp next to a television or computer reduces the elector magnetic field that these produce. Over exposure to magnetic fields can result in nervousness, insomnia, lack of concentration accumulation of more free radicals in the body known to be a cause of cancer.

The healing benefits of Salt Lamps are well known. Tests done with children who have been diagnosed with ADHD have shown that after one week of having the lamp on, their symptoms have subsided. When the lamp is removed, the symptoms return.

Salt Lamps also help relieving the symptoms of asthma & allergies in general.

Selenite Lamps

Selenite Lamps brings clarity of mind allowing a higher Angelic understanding. A calming stone instilling deep peace in the environment.

Selenite pinpoints lessons & issues that are still unfinished & how to work on them. It clears confusion helps you to see clearly.

In healing, Selenite aligns the spinal column promoting flexibility, neutralises poisoning from amalgam and is excellent in the environment of breastfeeding mothers.

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Wide Range of Crystals in Gold Coast

Chameleon has a wide range of crystals raw and tumbled, crystal jewellery, rare specimens and fossils.

We source our products from well-known geologists in Australia. We invite you to come in and browse our range, particularly our rainbow tumble display where we encourage you and your children to feel the stones and let yours call to you.

Our fossils and speciality items are purchased through a leading geologist in Victoria to assure AAA grade quality in items provided for sale. It would be impossible to list all of our products however we have provided a list of our standard crystals below with specific metaphysical properties to aid you in your choice.

It is a journey of discovery coming into the Salon and viewing what we have on offer.

Come in and have a chat to Sapphie or Ari, we are always happy to talk with you and where possible tailor crystal kits to your specific needs.


A stone of protection, growth spirituality. Increases nobility, inner peace, intuition, communication, repels negative energy, positive transformation, lucid dreaming. Closely associated with the Third Eye & Crown Chakras.


Stone of awareness, heightens perception, transmutes pain, peace, tranquility, stimulates healing, unblocks meridians, aids the throat chakra, balances physical body.


Stone of opportunity, manifestation releasing old patterns, earth connection, Devas & Elementals, intellectual development, calming. Primarily heart chakra, very supportive for heart healing, physical and emotional.


Soothing to spirit and calming to the soul. Tempers aggression, tames the soul, stone of courage and truth, soothes the chakras and aligns physical body to etheric Powerful talisman for healing throat and heart chakra.


Inspiration, manifestation, humanitarian attitude, past life connections, develops psychic gifts spiritual attainment, deepens meditation, communication and self expression. Opens the throat chakra.

Black Tourmaline

Premier talisman for protection, psychic shield, powerful grounding stone, connection between earth & human spirit. Primarily used to activate grounding between the base chakra & earth.


Heighten intuition & creativity. Grounding, protecting, stimulates dreaming, flexibility, revitalising. Energy cleanser and immune stimulator for acute infections, purifies blood, detoxifies liver, cleanses lower chakras.

Blue Kyanite

Attunement, meditation, instils compassion, cuts through fears and blockages, opens throat chakra, self expression & communication, grounding spiritual vibration stimulates intuition, aligns all chakras.

Blue Lace Agate

Healing stone, cool, calming, peace of mind, activates & heals throat chakra, free expression, nurturing, supportive, neutralises anger – infection & inflammation, gently dissolves old patterns,


Stabilising & anchoring in the present, concentration, self trust. Life force, flexibility, sensuality, independence, courage, love of life. Sacral chakra however darker red varieties also embrace base chakra.
Chevron Amethyst
Intuition, physical vision, removes resistance to change, strong healing stone, aids in overcoming addictiec habits, balancing, coping, decision making & motivation. Carries the Violet Ray. Attuned to the Third Eye & Crown chakras.


Embodies loving Goddess energy, verbal communication. Opens the throat chakra & energises the words spoken. Strengthening & calming peace, brings inner peace. Works to heal all chakras primarily throat & heart chakra.


Success, abundance, personal, power, joy, manifestation, personal power, combat negative energy, removing toxins, clearing, mental clarity, confidence. Primarily associated with the Solar Plexus chakra.

Clear Quartz

Master Healing stone enhances energy by absorbing,, amplifying, balancing, focussing & transmitting. Channels universal energy, manifesting, meditation, healing, meditation & protection. Primarily associated with the Star Chakra.

Dendrite Agate

Harmonises all chakras & aligns subtle bodies. Heals the nervous system, stimulates the circulatory system, can provide pain relief if placed at site of pain, brings stability & lends preserving.

Elephant Skin Jasper

Powerful meditation & protection stone. Introspection, past lives, balance, psychic protection. Dissolves negativity, good for travel protection. Primarily Solar Plexus & Crown chakra.


Protective, inspires love & devotion, purifying, balancing, serenity, passion, courage and hope, strong link with pituitary gland, activates and amplifies other crystals, clears negative energy.


Star magic, telepathy, embodies great healing & protective qualities, remote healing. Strengthens Chi energy, reinvigorates the inner self. Strongly associated with the Sacral Chakra.


Strength, self confidence, reliability, stimulats concentration, grounding, calming, healing, stimulates iron absorption, powerful connection with blood, regenerative.


Calming stone, relieves insomnia, teaches patience & helps to eliminate anger, helps to strengthen positive character traits. Howlite formulates ambition both spiritual and material and aids in achieving them.


Vision stone, inner knowing, used in Shamanic ceremonies, understanding and releasing addiction, expression of true self, self responsibility, clears negativity, enhances Third Eye chakra.


Protection from psychic attack, finances & business – brings stability. Calming energy, balancing & purifying by cleansing dross away. Powerful healer of grief. Primarily associated with the root chakra.


Highly mystical and protective stone, deflects unwanted energies from the aura. Stone of esoteric knowledge. Calms an overactive mind. Useful companion through change – prepares the body and soul for the ascension process.

Lapis Lazuli

Powerful protective stone, blocks psychic attack, harmonises physical – emotional – mental, self awareness, self expression, honesty, compassion, objectivity, enhances creativity, dissolves emotional bondage.


Soothing, healing power of dolphins, harmonising to body & soul, balances fire and water elements within the energetic field. Crystal f oteh throat chakra, unleashing one’s deepest wisdom.


Reduces stress, calming, stone of transition, overcoming addictions, stimulates intellect, relieves exhaustion, detoxifier of skin and connective tissue, aids in shamanic journeying. Carries the Violet Ray of St Germain.


Protects from negative energy. Creativity, development of intuition, strength, emotional balance, friendship, loyalty. Works strongy with the auric field, and has an excellent vibration within the heart chakra.


Slows aging, protective, encourages adventure, aids physical protection, healing stone, decision making, slow working crystal, clears auric field, calming. Stimulates intuitive abilities. Vibrates with the Solar Plexus.

Moss Agate

Gardener’s Stone – birthing crystal, overcome addictive tendencies, general abundance, metaphysically protective stone, compatibility, friendship. Associated with the Heart chakra.

Ocean Jasper

Spirit of peace, letting go stone of strength and renewal, interconnectedness of all things – the Atlantis stone – reclaiming spiritual wisdom, past lives. Excellent to hold during meditation. Associated strongly with the Heart chakra.

Peacock Ore

Cleansing, balancing, aligns entire physical body with spiritual body, soothing, reconnection with your true self and ancient esoteric knowledge, grounding, heals doubt & dissolves energy blockages.


Protection, powerful cleanser releases & neutralises toxin, releases burdensome gilt, obsessions are cleared, detachment. Peridot opens cleanses activates the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras.

Pink Tourmaline

Infuses love & spirituality, encourages compassion & gentleness during transitions. Enlightenment crystal, cleanses the emotional body and aids in recovering passion. Reflects the light of the Heart chakra.

Rainbow Fluorite

Stabilising, balancing, impartiality, concentration, psychic protection, cleanses & stabilises the aura, innovative, abundance, self-confidence, absorbs & neutralises negative energy. Primarily Heart and Crown chakras.

Rainbow Moonstone

Intensifies feminine “Goddess” energy, enhances & encourages fervent desires, energy balances masculine – feminine vibrations, psychic abilities, reflects healing qualities of the moon.

Rainbow Hematite

Balance, clarity, peace, deep understanding of emotions, inspiration, imagination, creativity, passion, understanding abundance & joy, confidence, moving forward. Works with all chakras, particularly the Heart and Third Eye.

Red Jasper

Stone of fairness & justice, stability, protection both physically and from EMFs, nurturing, controlled passion, responsibility, compassion, positive movement. Primarily Base chakra, secondary Sacral chakra.

Rose Quartz

Stone of self love, family love, romantic love, compassion. Inner warmth, lowers stress, eases transitions in dying, dream recall, self esteem, self worth.


Strength & protection, integrity & virtuous conduct, happiness, stability, attracts friends & god fortune, supplements willpower increases stamina, alleviates depression, aids processing of information.


High vibration crystal brings clarity of mind, opens the Crown & Higher Crown chakras accessing Angelic consciousness. Assists judgment & insight, clears confusion. Powerful stabiliser of erratic emotions.

Shiva Lingham & Yoni

The Lingham serves to remind us that true peace & harmony may be realised through balance of masculine/feminine energies. The Yoni is a symbol of the female principle, the source of the womb of all creation 7 movement.

Smokey Quartz

Strongly protective, psychic protection, stability, transmutes negative energy, problem solving, amplifies when used with other crystals. Earth Star chakra & Base chakra although effective with Solar Plexus too.

Tiger’s Eye

Dynamic energy, protective stone, grounding focus, determination, harmony, calming, abundance & protection, inner strength, self awareness, mental acuity. Primarily works with the Sacral chakra.

Tree Agate

Extremely stabilising stone, safety, security, inner strength, self control. Powerful connection to nurturing energy of nature. Slow acting crystal, should be worn or carried for long periods for full benefit.


Aids psychic vision, stress relief & peaceful sleep balances emotions, helps addictive habits, highly spiritual, protective, release negative energies. Supports the Thymus or Higher Heart chakra encouraging love & compassion.



Fossil of protection, provides insight & it helps to assist one in seeing the ‘whole picture’. Gives stability to the Listener, it courages one’s survival instincts & is grounding. Resonates strongly with the Base chakra.


Fossilised squid – Increases life span, reduces toxins and anxiety, balances emotions, builds confidence. Contains supernatural & physical healing powers, promotes a sense of pride & success. Healers use fossils to enhance telepathy and stimulate the mind.


Steadfast resistance, stability, connection to the essence of life, resilience & versatility, assists emotional healing remove blockages within meridians & all chakras. Oldest fossil found by man.


Used for healing with the eyes & headaches. Useful in leadership and management roles, assisting with ruling with love & patience, strength , perseverance to maintain the path even if one feels “stuck in the mud”.

Whale Ear Bones

Resemble human ears, working with fossilised whale ear bones opens one up to astral travel. Enhances telepathic communication & fosters harmony with your original essence. Comforting & soothing. Powerful healer of the Base chakra.