Our Journey

Chameleon New Age Salon

Surfers Paradise,

Gold Coast, Queensland
How it all began….

“There is no prejudice and no judgement at Chameleon. 
It is a community hub for anyone who walks through our doors.
Any nationality and any background.”

~Bronwyn Corrigan (Owner/Manager)~

A Chameleon Tale

Broni’s hair-dressing career had very humble beginnings, Bron began hairdressing at a very young age, starting out cutting her brother James’ hair in the bathroom, in 1991.

At 16 years old she worked hard at her hairdressing apprenticeship, and eventually opened her own salon with her 2005, in Florida Gardens and named it “Chameleon Hair Design”.

Bron worked hard developing the Salon and building regular clients. She then decided to combine her love of nature and all things mystical by selling crystals, as well as performing hair miracles.

With business expanding because of this new endeavour Broni decided to re-title her business and the first incarnation of “Chameleon New Age Salon” was born!

Market Magic

With a new hunger for business, Broni decided to open a regular stall at Miami Marketta and Surfers Paradise weekly markets on the Esplanade.

Where she began selling crystal salt lamps and other new age products. With both businesses booming, she decided to combine them, and move to Surfers Paradise.

Where she found a shop upstairs, in the Centre Arcade, and filled it with Crystals and Salt lamps.

First Import Shipment

Not long after rebranding and selling crystals, Broni decided to import her first ever one-tonne shipment.

With her son in Kindergarten, she hired a rickety old ute, and drove to the port of Brisbane, picked up the precious cargo, drove back, unpacked and picked up her son, bathed him, fed him and put him to sleep, all by herself in one day.

This was a powerful moment of realisation for Broni. “I can do anything!” She thought to herself. And this is the beginning of something big.

Broni 2.0

With her newly found self empowerment Broni began importing crystals and selling them regularly at the markets in Surfers Paradise, where she would go above and beyond for customers, building her client base and community. Which is how she met Kieran.

Meeting Kieran and going to India

Kieran and Broni had only been together a few weeks when they decided to book a holiday to India.

During that journey they travelled on a minimum budget, living amongst locals, visiting many spiritual sites and of course buying hand crafted stock for Chameleon evolution.

Finding the Shop

The journey provided the perfect platform to meet new wholesalers face to face that would ensure continued imports of traditional hand made Indian products. Upon their return, they began the search for the new incarnation of Chameleon… and they found it, the perfect building. A huge 500 square meter shop on Surfers Paradise boulevard. Broni and Kieran spent the first night sharing a romantic pizza and wine dinner on the ground floor – a special moment between twin flames birthing a dream together.

Building the Dream

So Broni and Kieran went to work. Fortunately Keiran is a carpenter and could build anything that Broni could ever dream of, room by room he went, building their huge labour of love. They started acquiring the Dream team, Mark, Senior Hair Dresser, Britt Hair Apprentice, Body Piercer and Loctician, Ari the original receptionist and Nikki the Head Psychic Medium. Who are some of the original members of Chameleon, that continue to work here to this day.

Becoming Wholesalers

In late 2019 Broni and Kieran made all of their adventures come to life even more by decided to start offering wholesale with the huge amounts of crystals they were importing. This broadening our spiritual community even further, engaging with other crystal shops, sharing and helping them, to also succeed and flourish.

Expanding the Salon

In November 2020, it was time to expand again. With the lease acquired for the shop next-door, they hired contractors to remove the cement wall. And again Kieran went to work with renovations, making benches, and cutting out part of a tree to make the new reception desk.  The team at Chameleon is now 15 staff members strong and is continuing to grow more and more every day.

 Our Pledge

The feeling when you walk in the door at Chameleon is like no other.
You can feel the community, the team work and the love that fills the beautiful space.
We welcome you to come and enjoy a Chameleon experience.