Our Journey

Chameleon New Age Salon, Gold Coast 
How it all began….

There is no prejudice, no judgement at Chameleon. It is a community hub for anyone who walks through our doors.
Any nationality, any background, the more left field the better.

How it all started…


Broni has owned and managed Chameleon New Age Salon for 15 years, the past 4 years in the biggest spiritual sanctuary on the Gold Coast.

In the very beginning, her smaller salon was New Age in that the retail offered crystals, salt lamps and New Age products.

Broni also had a successful, regular stall at the Surfers Paradise weekly markets on the Esplanade.

Her regular customers both in the salon and the markets reassured by her sunny disposition and willingness to go the extra mile to meet people’s needs.

Her stall at the markets providing the perfect platform and opportunity to meet Kieran.

The journey for this new space began in India, a holiday booked after being together with Kieran for only a couple of weeks.

During that journey they travelled on a minimum budget, living amongst locals, visiting many spiritual sites and of course buying hand crafted stock for Chameleons regular spot at the Markets.

The journey provided the perfect platform to meet new wholesalers face to face that would ensure continued imports of traditional hand made Indian products.


Broni and Kieran birthed a dream…

During the journey through India Broni and Kieran birthed a dream of owning a shop in the middle of Surfers Paradise where anyone could come and feel part of a greater community.

At that point in time the concept was for hair salon, crystals, Indian home furnishings, New Age & Wiccan Products, Beauty Therapy, Clairvoyants, Shamanic Healing and of course a Yoga Studio.

The dream was birthed with the hope of a financial windfall and on the rise of new love.

In February 2015 a clairvoyant friend of Broni’s told her she would be moving into new space.

Sure enough three months later Broni and Kieran started looking for space to weave the dream to life.

The Landlord spent time with Broni and Kieran and believed in the viability of their dream. Contracts were signed and the keys exchanged in May.

A new home on Surfers Paradise Boulevard

The geometry of the space at 3171 Surfers Paradise Boulevard complete with double arch doors, a Fibonacci spiral staircase and 400 square meters of space upstairs complemented by bay windows and dappled sunlight through the Poinciana trees outside immediately drew them in.

The Landlord spent time with Broni and Kieran and believed in the viability of their dream. Contracts were signed and keys exchanged in May.

Broni and Kieran spent the first night sharing a romantic pizza and wine dinner on the ground floor – a special moment between twin flames birthing a dream together.

The hard work begins…


The fit out started with stealth, the doors always open to engage the local community and tourists.

Kieran worked his regular job from 6am to 4pm then straight into the shop to bring the dream to life. His hands at one point so beaten and swollen from all the work he was delegated to varnishing duties for a short time.

The painting provided moments of sheer joy and childish play, with many moments of mayhem in between. The black walls were transformed to white the first weekend – the bathrooms made clean for human use after many months of occupation by pigeons.

Much fun was had with the painting, dancing, kebab lunches and pizza picnics during the fit out stage.

The right retail mix

Kieran and Broni enjoying the many drives to wholesalers to purchase crystals, plants and homewares, Gene often in the backseat completely swamped by lily’s, ferns, crystals and any wares purchased from Bunnings. It just was not a fulfilling weekend for any of us without a visit to Bunnings or Masters!

Kieran single handedly built all the shelving downstairs, the treatment rooms and yoga studio upstairs. His hands at one point so weather and swollen from all the work he was delegated to varnishing duties for a short time.

The Surfers community were very supportive, offering encouragement for the success of such a unique concept in the heart of a City that had a disjointed approach to community.

Broni was moved into downstairs exactly 6 weeks after they collected the keys and it was business as usual. The move took about three hours in the rain with the use of many shopping trolleys and a few good laughs along the way.

Ebay and Gumtree two of our favourite shopping sites with the exception of Bunnings! We were regular customers there for many weeks…our relationship with them continues.

Contined expansion…

While Broni ensured business as usual in the Salon and retail sales growing, Kieran and his brother Callum continued to work tirelessly to complete the rooms upstairs and display space for the Indian and New Age home furnishings.

Broni has been blessed engaging with new wholesalers that support her in providing the community with a range of products that are not available anywhere else on the Gold Coast.

Broni has also created space to provide hair services to Muslim women – the only Salon in Surfers Paradise that provides screening as require.

It has been such a joy welcoming such a multicultural aspect to the Salon.

The journey has been exciting, fun and at times tiring particularly for Broni dealing with the death of her father, but the hard work is paying off.

Dad providing the penultimate Angelic presence at the front of the shop – his shotgun ray protecting the space from any harm.

The dream of creating a community hub is succeeding with people from all walks of life coming through the doors and enjoying the space.

The chill out lounge…

One of the favourite spots Chameleon is the Chill Out Lounge – a favourite for relaxation, chats or a drumming session on a Friday night.

We have our regulars that come through the door including a few homeless people we provide food and clothing too. We also provide financial support to the Domestic Violence Crisis Centre on the Gold Coast, through our second had book shop upstairs and by providing space and referral services for women in crisis.