Orgonite Pyramids Properties And Uses:

Orgone = Energy/Chi/Prana. The life force that exists in all things.

In the 1930s Austrian Pscyhoanalyst Wilhelm Reich developed the Orgone Theory, he proposed that an etheric bio energetic life force existed that animates our environment. Reich wrote that the key to optimum was a balance of Orgonite energy working in harmony to create balanced physical and mental health.

Orgonite Pyramids are a potent combination of crystals and copper housed in a resin pyramid, thus all materials cast into this pyramid geometry not only benefit from the organ energetic but also the pyramid energy. they are well known for their ability to convert energy and balance the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.They also have the ability to amplify and transmit energy much like a antenna or speaker cone. 

It seems almost too simple, that a combination of resin, metal, and quartz crystal could be the answer to restoring our health and environment – but over two decades the reports have been consistently positive. 

Some commonly reported effects of Orgone Pyramids:

Improved Sleep
Increased Mood

Chakra colour orgonite

Heals Energy Blockages
Increased Stamina
Lucid Dreams

Stress Relief
Removal of EMF

Increased Plant Growth

Promotion of

selenite & moss agate

Spiritual Growth

Deepens Meditative Connections


Immune System Strengthening