NEW IN: Sage and Palo Santo. People have been burning sage for centuries. It is a practice as old as time. Originally brought about by indigenous people, burning sage, or ‘smudging’, is used to clear negative energy and purify a space. Sage is considered a herbal medicine with deep, historical roots. It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and has natural healing properties.

How can sage be used?

Recommended for relaxation, burning sage can also be used to combat stress and anxiety, and to help increase focus. This process can be used before and after rituals and ceremonies to clear the space and promote mindfulness.

Burning sage can also be used in rituals to set your intentions. It can provide a grounding effect to help you relax, center and reduce tension.

Set your intentions

Intentions are at the centre of the practice of smudging, so it is important to take a moment to determine what yours is before you light your sage. Figure out what you’d like to purify or release. Come up with a short mantra or prayer to repeat while smudging that captures this intention. A good one to go to if you are unsure is ‘I release what no longer serves me’.

Some tips for burning sage
  • Have a heat proof bowl handy to hold your sage or smudge stick.
  • Light the end of the safe evenly, and allow the flame to go out on it’s own, until it starts to smoke.
  • Repeat your intention throughout your ritual.
  • Use your bowl to catch falling ash.
  • Open doors and windows to assist in visualising the negative energy leaving your space.
  • Extinguish your sage by pushing it firmly into the heat proof bowl.

You can make your own smudging stick using sage, aromatics and string tied together.

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