Meet Max

Coming, from Europe, Max grow up in a family of Reiki masters.
Passionate about body movement, he became a break-dancer when it was 16.
At the aged of 23 he moved from Europe to Australia to become a Capoeira practitioner, mixing movement
flow, martial art, rhythm and emotions.
After 10 years of practice and performance he started exploring more ways of moving its body. He
incorporated yoga and calisthenics to his knowledge.
In the last 3 years he took regular intense courses of inversions, yoga, and embodied movements in
Indonesia. He has learned how to move and use the different layers of our body: physical, emotional, mental
and spiritual.
He recently became a teacher under “The Sacred Flow Practice” – Teachers of movement – Bali

Free Flow classes are designed to make you move in every way possible from walking to hand-standing

You will connect with your own body and fully engage your creative potential.

This is an all level class, all you need is an open mind, a big smile and an open heart.


this class is characterised by movement with rhythm and breath. It has a strong physical aspect, to build confidence in your body. There is a focus on creating strong foundations to perfect poses. The flow from foundation to foundation is linked to slow breathing, to bring inner peace.

vin yin

Vin Yin is also referred to as Yin Yang yoga. It is a yoga sequence that combines the best aspects of vinyasa and yin. Max’s classes are typically vinyasa in the first half, and yin in the second half. The vinyasa practice warms the body up internally, and rids your body of excess prana. The yin then allows surrender.