Shamanic Energy And Sound Healing

Angelic Shamanism

Shamanic Journeying provides an opportunity to journey through the subconscious energy body and retrieve soul essence which has been affected due to trauma, loss or post traumatic stress responses.

We experience different situations in our lives where parts of our soul conscious can fracture off from the whole.

Shamanic journeying provides Sacred Space for the soul to rest while Sapphire, journeys through the subconscious retrieving soul essence and returning with your Power Animal.

Your Power Animal walks beside you during life and their adapting their characteristics can assist you in your dealings with others.

Our Power Animals are our Guardians, sharing their wisdom and strengths to assist us in walking through life with Grace.

As we move toward the final stages of the journey, Sapphire, calls in the Whales and sings your birth song, the essence of love when you were born into the world.

The song is etheric and fills the soul with unconditional love – that which you are, a gentle reminder of your Oneness with All That Is.

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Sound Healing

Crystal and Sound are powerful facilitators of change on a cellular level within the body.

Sapphire sets crystal grid layouts on the body, using Palo Santo to clear the auric field and rattles to awaken dormant consciousness in the body.

We begin with Archangel Tuning Forks, to relax and open the body then with the power of voice, ancient Solfeggio tones are produced to work through the following:

  • 396 hertz – turning grief into you, liberating guilt and fear
  • 417 hertz – undoing situations and facilitating change
  • 528 hertz – transformation and miracles (DNA repair)
  • 639 hertz – reconnecting and balancing relationships
  • 741 hertz – solving problems, expressions/solutions
  • 852 hertz – awakening intuition

These services can be provided individually or combined into one session.

A 2 hour session includes Lomi Lomi Massage, Angelic Shamanism and Sound Healing.

This package is our most popular amongst clients, with many returning for follow up sessions.

Price List


30 mins$70

Crystal Bed Sound Healing

30 mins$100

Shamanic Soul Retrieval/Power Animal & Birth Song

60 mins$160

Shamanic Healing

120 mins$250
2 Sessions$350