Chameleon New Age Salon, Gold Coast 

Past Life Regression & Chakra Balancing



Amy is inspired by nature and the synchronicity of all things. Amy knew from an early age that she was drawn to this path of being consciously connected to the magic that surrounds us.

Over the last 30 years Amy has blended the wisdom of many of ancient cultures with modern knowledge to help create and teach connection to oneself and work in synchronicity with the earth’s energies. Amy is passionate about creating experiences that inspire transformative, lasting change to help you to live a more balanced, connected and meaningful life.

Amy has helped hundreds of people on their healing journey by inspiring them to change their perception of life and its challenges. As a Certified Soul Regression Hypnotherapist & Resource (timeline) Therapist, Amy helps reveal information that allows one to heal issues from the past & to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges in your life.

Drawing on years of study and practice including vision quests, High Priestess of a Coven, embracing and teachings of Goddess, traveling to and being initiated at many sacred sites around the world, I invite you to join me on this magical quest, a journey to the mystical realms, connecting to the deep inner wisdom and knowledge as our souls awakens, bathing our souls with the beautiful energy that Mother Earth breathes. I am honored to hold sacred space for you, to help you to consciously connect to seek Divine Wisdom and awaken your soul.




Reiki practioner


When you come for a Reiki treatment, you will receive positive energy from the practioner . You can get the sensation of heat in the area of your body they’re focusing on and you may feel like you are being lifted slightly even though they are not touching you.

You can visibly see a persons energy enhance from having Reiki when they get a before & after Aura photo. The energy pattern is usually a lot brighter in the second photo. Sometimes colours which aren’t in there first photo are present in the after photo, showing a more balanced aura.

Reiki Session Prices

Crystal Light Bed

This profoundly powerfully healing system consists of a bank of seven beautiful coloured lights that are positioned over the body. These lights are aligned with the 7 major Chakras and pulsate through specifically programmed clear quartz crystals.

The frequency of the lights is designed to clear, heal, rebalance, harmonise and energise each of the Chakras.

The Crystal Light Bed was designed by the divine beings that work through John of God at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil.

The Crystal Light Bed can create deep healing on all levels; physical, emotional and spiritual.

Prices are for $1 per minute and availability is depending on other healing bookings.