How to set up the entrance of your home to avoid unwanted energy and welcome your visitors with all the love their heart desires. A little write up from Abbey our Healer here at Chameleon.

I regularly have friends comment on the energy of my home. They always mention how good it feels and how welcoming and warm it is. I also find that often people ask me in the shop how to set their home for abundance and protection. So I thought I would do a little write up for everyone to explain the elements to my entrance way and why I think this setup really plays a huge role in the energy to my home. 

 M I R R O R 
The concept of the mirror is to reflect back any energy or emotions one feels as they are entering my home. A lot of empaths will feel confused by energy and emotions and what is theirs and what is not, this is also known as enmeshment. We do not need to take on other energy so this sets the clear intention that anything belonging to someone else is reflected back and not brought into the home. 

P L A N T 
The plant is for grounding but the type of tree can amplify your intentions, such as having a specific plant for good luck, prosperity or abundance. The plant for me, is also a symbolism for Mother Earth and her nurturing of all life forms. So every person who enters my home is welcomed with love and compassion. It also is where I will put some crystals for extra intentions. 

C R Y S T A L S 
What is an entrance without the addition of a few raw crystal pieces. In my setup I have 4 main focus points that I want to achieve:

L O V E 
Rose Quartz – This is the crystal of self love, family love, romantic love and compassion. It assists with inner warmth, lowers stress, self esteem and self worth. Rose quartz raises the vibration of the heart chakra. 

A B U N D A N C E 
Citrine – This crystal is for success, abundance, personal power, joy, manifestation, combat negative energy, removing toxins, clearing, mental clarity and confidence. Citrine is primarily associated with the Solar Plexus chakra. 

H E A L I N G 
Amazonite – This crystal is soothing to spirit and calming to the soul. It tempers aggression, tames the soul and is a stone of courage and truth. It soothes the chakras and align the physical body to etheric. This crystal is a powerful talisman for healing the throat and heart chakras.

P R O T E C T I O N  
Clear Quartz – This is a Master Healer stone, it enhances energy by absorbing amplifying, balancing, focussing and transmitting. It channels universal energy to assist with manifesting, healing meditation and protection. This crystal is primarily associated with the Star Chakra. 

These crystals have been chosen carefully, because behind each stone there is an underlying intention of love and compassion and when you send energy away with love it will always work. Not out of fear, or anger. These negative emotions will always attract more of the same. It is imperative to set your entrance up with complete love. Welcome everyone, but always have your clear boundaries to assert whatever is the best intention for your highest purpose. 

E V I L E Y E 
Finally I have an evil eye hanging by the tree. This is a powerful talisman that has been used for over 3000 years by many different cultures. They say that the eye is the most powerful point at which the body can give off energy, so many will want to avoid the dreaded evil eye. This is just for an extra layer of protection for the home, but also anyone who enters your home. It is important your guests feel safe and welcome. 

When it comes to the main entrance of your home, it can be very important how you have your space set up and what intentions are behind your design. Always remembering there is no right or wrong way to do this. How you set up your home is personal to you, and hopefully this can serve as some inspiration. 

For any of the items listed above, have no fear, we sell them all in the shop. For any extra special cleansing or clearing techniques, please feel free to reach out to me as I do provide ceremonial clearing of spaces for the home or workplace. 

Much love Chameleons,