How to recharge your crystals

Here’s how to recharge your crystals. Like our phones our crystals also need to be ‘recharged’ too!

You can cleanse your crystals with whatever you are most drawn to – the moon, sun, earth, fire or water. Just don’t forget that not all crystals are water safe!

Ways to cleanse your crystals:

Under the light of the full moon – Leave your crystals out in the full moon overnight to re-energise them.

With water – Cleanse your crystals in the ocean when you go for a beach walk. Water neutralising negative energy, and salt banishes unwanted energy.

In the sun – set up a crystal grid to focus the energy, and let them charge in the sun. Just be mindful to not expose it to sunlight for prolonged periods, as this can cause the colour to fade.

In the earth – bury them for a few days in your favourite pot plant, or in the garden.

With fire – burn some sage and let the smoke cleanse the crystal. Sage clears inharmonious vibrations.

Place your intention into your crystals:

Thank your beautiful crystals for all the work they have been doing on your aura, in your house, for your energy etc, and set the intention to allow the elements to restore and recharge your crystals.

There are also a few crystals such as selenite that can recharge your crystals for you. Place your crystals in a bowl or on a selenite slab overnight. This will clear any negative energy it has absorbed through the day.

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