Hair Correction

Let’s talk Colour Correction and more poignant for the current times home hair colouring.

Step away from the bleach! Under no circumstances do we recommend doing any kind of bleaching to be done at home. This is the most risky irreparable thing you can do at home, you can potentially loose all of your length and condition.

What we can suggest is toners, semi permanents and direct colours. This we can work with  professionally and not have to work to hard or have too much cost to you to fix it up.

Toners and Semi Permanent are tints that use 10 vol or less peroxide with a 1:2 mixing ratio.  This is much easier for hairdressers to work with and repair any brassiness or banding.

Direct colours are fun, they only deposit colour in previously lighted hair and are generally bright colours so that can be a lot of fun! They can even be diluted with conditioner or treatment for a more pastel look on lighter hair.

If you are looking to cover Grey hair it is still recommended the you use a semi permanent colour, due to the nature of box dyes, they tend to dump colour excessively due to the cheapness and inferiority of the product compared to professional salon colours. 

The colour molecule is far bigger than a professional colour so it’s rougher on the hair and the outcome is sporadic and doing this at home, not applying, it evenly it’s not likely to be a great outcome. Which also creates a greater problem for professionals removing/fixing.

So if you are to do it at home we recommend to use Semi and choose a colour that is a shade or two lighter than your desired result. It might not give you full coverage but it’s better than turning your hair packet black and having to deal with that until it actually grows out!

Don’t forget to clean your hairline as you go, you can protect it with glycerine or if all else fails personal lubricant lol, only because it is a barrier, it doesn’t absorb into the skin and take the colour with it. Always use gloves and try not to slop it all over your bathroom or tiles!

Us hairdressers definitely make things look easy but we have had years of training and experience and even then, we still can’t guarantee the out come. Please don’t make your or our life harder in the long run by making a reckless packet dye mistake. Hang in there, get in touch with your stylist, some are offering to sell you colour and have a conversation.

If you are looking to a new style, I say go for it! Get the clippers out, get the bestie, boyfie or hubby to give it a crack! We can be more creative with our scissors than the limitations and cost of colours. If you shave a chuck out our your hair, fine, we can create a new style. If you packet black that shit I can’t really help you, unless you have a few hundred bucks for it not to work or just be ranga.