Meet Fiona

Fiona comes from a background in performing arts.

Her passion for performing arts lead her to what she calls her “Divine World of Yoga”!!

In 1999 she began teaching yoga– intertwining laughter, sound, love, meditation and a good wholesome dollop of fun in her classes.

Our Yogi leads classes – directly from the heart, supporting you to stimulate your energy systems and open the mind. Fiona’s expertise is beginners yoga, vinyasa flow and hatha.

She specialises in rehabilitation classes, pregnancy and Mums n Bubs. Her classes are fun, energising and at some point you will be pushing the energy through your throat chakra, vocal expression supporting release or blocked energy in the body.

Fiona has a broad background in facilitating workshops and providing other therapeutic services.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha is a joy filled practice, uniting body, mind and spirit. It connects breath and movement to create balance between energies. This class improves fitness, restores balances and connection to spirit, and improves focus. This is a class for EVERYbody!

Vinyasa yoga

A dynamic flowing movement sequence that expands throughout your practice. Fiona supports you to do as much or as little as your body guides you in this moment. This class promotes mindfulness guided by breath, to expand your conscious soul and whole self.