Here at Chameleon we don’t use wax or products to make your Dreadlocks, we use the best method, crochet hook to interweave your hair to form perfect nice neat & tight dreads.

Once your dreads have had time to settle (7days) you can come back in for a tighten an tidy up for free. Using this method there wont be any buildup of wax or mildew/bacteria.

All of our dreadlock technicians are certified an trained. There is also the option of two girls working on your head to get through the work as quickly as possible.

We can do dread extensions also, we have a collection of dreads you can choose from, hand made by our dread lock technicians.

Dreadlock products

At Chameleon there is dreadlock products including, an assortment of Dreadlock beads. Organic dread lock soap, which you use to wash your dreads it helps tighten your dreads an stop scalp itchiness. Dreadlock healing mist containing Neem which is antibacterial, anti fungal an a natural remedy for psoriasis & eczema.

Below we have a few before an after photos of our latest work:

dreadlock beads

dreadlock beads

dreadlock beads

dreadlock beads

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