Chameleon is your leading salon on the Gold Coast for dreadlocks and dreadlock maintenance.

Our dreadlock technicians have years of dread locking experience and when it comes to dreadlocks placement and dreadlocks size, they will consult with you to get the best look for you.

coloured dreads

We also stock all your deadlocking products, dreadlock spray, and products that are designed specifically for dreadlock maintenance.

At Chameleon, we stock a revolving range of dreadlock jewellery Including beads, claws, animal shapes, crystal dreadlock beads and accessories.

Our deadlocking technique uses your own hair weaved into itself to create the dread with out using wax. This doesn’t compromise the integrity of the hair. Our method has minimal pulling to your scalp which a lot of backyard dreadlock technicians do, which can cause alopecia and hair loss.

If you just want to test the waters with dreadlocks, you can get a couple at the back of your hair, which looks great.

Bright hair is one of Chameleon’s strong points, so you can combine your dreads with some really funky colours.

Time wise, dreads take time, because we do them properly. For a full head of dreads, on average this will take a full day. Timing is dependant on your hair type, length and the thickness of dreads that you want. If you just want one dread in the back, for example, it usually only takes about 20mins.