At Chameleon, we consider ourselves hair detangling specialists. We are one of very few salons in Australia who will offer this service instead of recommending to cut your hair. Using a few different techniques, patience and care, we can detangle large knots and mats, and even dreadlocks. We urge you not to feel embarrassed or ashamed, as we do this on a regular basis; it happens more than you think!

Whether you’ve encountered a styling mishap, neglected your locks for too long, went snorkelling with your hair out or simply crave a fresh start, our team of skilled professionals is here to help.

Prior to your appointment, we ask that you absolutely do not wet the hair or apply products to the hair as we need it to be completely dry for quicker and easier detangling with dramatically less breakage. If you or a loved one have matted hair, extreme knots or large dreadlock that needs to be combed out, we are the place to call. Chameleon New Age Salon on the Gold Coast is the place to be to have your knotty hair cared for.

Our signature techniques involve hand picking the knots using special tools and skills we’ve developed over years of detangling. We prefer to focus on brushing out the knots rather than cutting your hair off. We use gentle powders to dry coat the tangles while we meticulously work through each knot with precision and care. Prioritising the health and integrity of your strands above all else is our strongest belief, so no, we won’t go hacking with scissors.

After the detangling, we do recommend doing a treatment, as the hair can be very fragile and can easily knot again afterwards.

Prices are ‘from’ and can depend on hair length and knot density. Detangling hair is a per hour/per hairdresser service, so if you’re not sure how to book, please call us on 075526 8368.

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