Couples counselling

Has your traditional couples counselling not worked? How about trying intuitive relationship counselling. Nikki combines the skills of a qualified relationship counsellor with intuitive connections. This incorporates all aspects of mind, body and soul into the session.

Nikki has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to guiding people through different couple dynamics and issues.

How Nikki can help

Nikki can assist in creating tools for communicating individually. Each experience is uniquely suited to each couple. We provide a safe space for both individuals to express their emotions and feelings, while being supported in your journey of understanding. The end goal is understanding your partners point of view, and in turn, them understanding yours.

Nikki can assist in removing and clearing blocks that may come up in the relationship. She draws awareness to remembering why you have chosen to be a couple, and how to make your love for each other flow again.

About Nikki

Nikki Astarya is an Angel Intuitive, counsellor, relationship counsellor, Divine Channel, Psychic, Medium, Healer and Mother. She is an extremely clear channel who communicates with your  spirit guides and her own to clear emotional and mental blockages. She also communicates with the angelic realm, and tunes into this energy to assist you in reaching your highest potential. Nikki works with your Akashic Records to recall past lives, connecting with your divine life purpose. She also uses light language, symbols and ancient knowledge.

Nikki has over 25 years experience in the intuitive field. She brings a variety of different techniques and modalities to the table, including a diploma in counselling, grief and loss, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive and naturopathy. She definitely has the degrees to back her spiritual knowledge!

Nikki has a huge talent for mediumship. She has the gift to connect with passed over loved ones and ancestors, which brings her clients comfort, answers and closure. Her confirmation of connection of those that have past over is unmatched. She can also offer remote viewing to gain insight into past and present situations.

She can offer those that have passed over the opportunity to give answers to their grieving loved ones. She also offers insight into predispositions of passed loved ones that can affect the life of their living relatives.

What sets Nikki apart from other mediums is the added advantage of being a qualified counsellor. She is able to tie in her knowledge during challenging times to deliver information in a sensitive and supportive way. Nikki is able to be a pillar of strength throughout the entire process.

Nikki grounds her knowledge from spirit with what she has learnt through her extensive research and years of dedication and study. Nikki creates a safe and loving environment for you to explore the depths of your unconscious self –  ultimately empowering and supporting you to discover your own strengths, talents and abilities. Her experience has really enabled her to fine tune her craft.

Nikki is personable, compassionate, nurturing in her delivery, and her extensive life experience has enabled her to be extremely empathetic.

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