How to maintain your bright hair

Here at Chameleon, we are the bright hair experts. We pride ourselves on being the Gold Coast’s premiere hair destination for vivid colours and bold looks.

Here’s our hot tips on how to get the best out your colour and maintain your bright hair at home.

– Avoid washing your hair frequently.

Washing your hair will cause the bright colour to fade. Stretch the time between washes by opting to use dry shampoo instead. Invest in a good dry shampoo that doesn’t cause build up on the scalp. We recommend .

– Wash your hair with cold water.

Cold water is used when washing out bright colour as it helps to keep the cuticle sealed, which in turn prevents the bright colour from running or leaking out of the hair. When doing a cold water wash, use a colour safe and sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. We recommend our Clever Curl Cleanser, as it is a no foam shampoo. This stops the colour from running and fading. You can also use a coloured shampoo to brighten your existing colour. We use Muuvo in our salon.

  • It’s important to note that warm colours, such as red, will fade faster. Blue hair dye stains the hair and lasts a lot longer, and often fades green. This is something to consider if you were wanting to change the colour frequently, as you may have an issue getting a new colour over top of the existing blue pigment.
  • When you’re ready to change your colour, wash your hair with warm water and a cheap shampoo like Head and Shoulders. This helps the stylists here at Chameleon by giving them a lighter canvas to work with. It will also protect the integrity of your hair as you won’t have to re-bleach is with such a high peroxide.

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