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Crystals love at chameleon A major part of our business and one of our main hobbies is collecting semi precious crystals. This love of crystals and travelling leads us to some pretty far out places. Finding epic treasures along the way for stocking the shop. Our...

Sage smudge sticks

Sage Clearing negative energy Sage smudge has been Used in Native American culture for dispersing negative energy from spaces, people or objects for centuries. Here at our shop we cleanse the space every morning before we start the day. The best way is to take a stork...


Dreadlocks Here at Chameleon we don’t use wax or products to make your Dreadlocks, we use the best method, crochet hook to interweave your hair to form perfect nice neat & tight dreads. Once your dreads have had time to settle (7days) you can come back in for a...

Psychic readings

Psychic readings My Personal experience I jumped in on one of the workshops, at Chameleon “fine tuning your intuition”. It was with one of the resident psychics Stephanie who works at Chameleon. Ive never done anything like this an I wouldn’t consider myself...

Meditation gold coast

Meditation as been used for thousands of years through may cultures and in a variety of forms both religious and non religious. Used for the clarity and awareness that it brings by sitting in the present moment. The practice of Meditation is to provide awareness in...


Reiki is to transmit healing energy through your hands to achieve deep relaxation, inner peace and total well-being. Reiki is a system of healing that originated in Japan and dates back to the end of the 19th century. It has been developed to bring us directly into...

Yoga at Chameleon

My yoga experience Here at Chameleon we aim to have a relaxed, calm environment to practice yoga for all experience levels, with free tea with your yoga passes so you can chill and relax before an after, chat & meet new people. The mixture of plants an vines in...

Beauty Therapy

A summary on our beauty therapist Junko about her techniques, background and ideaologies .

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