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Here is an example of Balayage gone wrong. We decided to go Platinum Blonde with a full head of back to back foils, scalp beach and tone.


Here at chameleon we love balayage, we use a lot of different techniques for this like free hand , back combing, air touch to give you natural sun kissed looking hair.

Did you know the Balayage technique was originally pioneered in A Salon in Paris France and become more popular in the 90s in Australia, transitioning from foils, or streaking cap to a more organic look.

The idea of balayage is to create lightness that frames the face while maintaining a natural or sometimes darker root colour. This effect is not only cost effective with maintenance being more minimal but we believe by enhancing what you have naturally makes a more beautiful appearance.

Traditionally Balayage is more of a golden, warm appearance but this is also something we can push the boundaries with Creating blonde through the mids and ends so light that it can be toned or coloured to a silver, red, copper, pink, purple, blue or rainbow which we specialise in too.

Our Balayage starts at $150, this is a general starting point with toners, olplex, cuts and styling on top of that. It is extremely important to see a specialist as it can go terribly wrong with lines in the hair, under or over processing and the cost of a colour correction will far outweigh the savings from an inexperienced hairdresser and inferior colouring products.

We also strongly suggest paying a bit more for Olapex to be included in the service and using Olapex take home products.