Meet Jodie

Jodie strongly believes in the sacredness of healing and will emphasise on holding this space as a loving environment for you. Your healing will begin with a ceremonial blessing to call in higher energies to assist during the session. You will then be guided to release any potential thoughts, emotions or feelings that block the healing process. There will be a connection to your higher self and she will guide you to create new neural pathways. Jodie may work with your energy field to allow the healing process and release of anything that doesn’t serve your highest purpose. Jodie creates this safe and nurturing space for you to have the most uplifting and enjoyable experience.



With Jodie, you can learn to love and accept yourself as you are, release a lifetime of negative emotions and learn to navigate your way through your emotions and understand yourself on a deeper level to align your life to your soul purpose.


Jodies Certifications

Master Reiki Practitioner



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